North Carolina Rehab Centers

Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious problem within the United States. In the state of North Carolina, the problem with illicit drugs is a growing issue. As a result, rehabilitation centers are available to help individuals overcome addiction and start living a normal lifestyle. Depending on the specific drug, rehab centers might take a different approach to treating the problem.

Due to the nature of addiction, many North Carolina rehab centers are part of a psychiatric hospital. The hospital environment is a useful way to handle the first steps of recovery due to the risks associated with withdrawals from certain drugs.

Detoxification is the first step of rehabilitation. The problem drugs in North Carolina are methamphetamines, cocaine and club drugs. Depending on the level of addiction and the individual, withdrawal symptoms to methamphetamines and cocaine can become very violent.

Psychiatric hospitals are equipped to handle the different symptoms of withdrawals. Whether the problem is related to violent behavior, mood swings or negative health effects on the individual, the hospital staff and doctors can manage the situation and ensure the patient safely moves beyond the initial withdrawal phase of treatment.

NC Treatment Centers

Rehab centers in North Carolina are not always a hospital. Although many patients will receive detox treatments from a hospital before entering the rehab center, the programs available in a treatment facility can vary from the hospital setting.

Treatment facilities that are not part of a hospital will offer some of the same treatment options. All patients are provided counseling services to work out problems associated with the situation. In a rehab center, North Carolina patients will also have workshops for education, personal interests and learning alternative methods of coping with certain situations that trigger the temptation to take drugs.

Every rehab center in North Carolina will also provide aftercare services. Specific aftercare treatment will vary, but usually includes transition services and counseling that continues for a set amount of time after the treatment. Many programs also suggest joining a 12-step program or group therapy after completing the initial rehabilitation.

Fighting an addiction is a difficult process that continues for a lifetime. The North Carolina rehab centers often involve medical staff to help get through the challenging first steps. Although some variation exists between programs, the basic requirements for treatment will always focus on individual needs, counseling, group therapy and helping find the appropriate aftercare program to reduce the risk of a relapse.