North Carolina Detox Centers

The first step to rehabilitation from drugs or alcohol is a proper detox program. However, since detox can be dangerous, particularly for long term substance abusers, it's a good idea to seek out a detox center to help. If you live in North Carolina then some of your available options are included here. Contact us for more information about detoxification facilities and locating an effective program.

One of the premier options for detox as well as residential and long term care is Four Circles. Located in Horse Shoe, North Carolina this facility works with men and women equally, and it also helps those that have been given a dual diagnosis. Self payment is the only accepted form at this facility.

This particular detox and rehabilitation treatment center is geared towards helping women recover from substance abuse. A mostly outpatient facility, Insight Human Services does have some temprary hospitalization capabilities in case they become necessary. Offering Spanish as a language service, and accepting Medicaid, Veteran's insurance as well as self payment and a variety of other payment options, this Asheville, North Carolina institution is a good option for those that just need a little help to detox.

This center is an outpatient facility located in Statesville, North Carolina. A completely outpatient facility the McLeod Addictive Disease Center accepts insurance payments from a variety of sources, and it works with methadone as well as other conditions. A good center for those who need help but who still have lives and jobs to go back to, it offers the help you need without locking you in.

Located in Asheboro, North Carolina this outpatient services provider can help a wide variety of people with their substance abuse problems. Geared towards adults, both men and women, the center also provides special attention for patients with a dual diagnosis. With a sliding fee scale this service provider also accepts a variety of different insurance types. It's an ideal location for those that want just the right amount of help they need to get over their hurdles.

The Mary Benson House is a short term residential facility located in Asheville, NC. This place is meant to help those for whom outpatient care simply isn't enough, and they need to have the additional structure and assistance provided by a residential facility. Dealing with a wide variety of clients, the Mary Benson House can help.

Those are just a few examples of detox centers available to people in North Carolina. For more information call our helpline today and speak with a counselor at no cost.